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Protect your operation with one of the many crop and livestock insurance products Oklahoma Farm Bureau offers. No matter if you grow crops, raise livestock, or both, OKFB crop insurance specialists can help you develop a risk management plant that fits your operation.

Crop Hail Coverage
Crop Hail provides the grower protection against any yield reduction caused by hail and / or fire. Other coverages provided include fire department service charges, transit coverage to the first place of storage, catastrophic loss award (most coverages) and replanting coverage (most crops). The grower may elect to insure up to the full value of the crop. There are various deductibles available to allow the grower to partially self-insure for a reduced premium cost.

Crop Hail policies protect against the one catastrophe that is most likely to totally destroy a part of your crop and leave the rest looking fine. The part hail takes out may well be less than the deductible of your MPCI policy, so many producers fill that gap with a special crop hail policy. This gives you acre by acre protection that can be up to the actual cash value of the crop.

Additional Information
For more information on Farm Bureau’s crop insurance coverage, please call Thad Doye at (405) 255-5316, or visit the American Farm Bureau Insurance Services Web site.

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