We offer complete protection for most farm operations – from the house and barns – to the equipment and livestock. And, there is an extensive list of coverages you can add to make sure you are properly protected.

How do I get a Farm & Ranch insurance quote?
Call your county Farm Bureau office and ask to speak with an agent.

Does Farm Bureau offer premium financing for Farm & Ranch insurance?
Yes. There are three different ways you can pay your insurance premiums: direct bill; quarterly billing; and Preplan, which is a monthly draft from your bank account. Check with your agent to see which option is best for you.

How much coverage do I need?
Most people want to be able to rebuild their home or operation if it is completely destroyed. Others want only enough to cover the amount of their mortgage, or a minimal amount of coverage.

Your Farm Bureau agent can help you determine the proper amount of coverage based on your financial needs and exposure to risk.

How can I lower my premium?
There are many ways to lower your premium, such as changing coverage limits and/or deductibles. We offer various premium discounts to policyholders who qualify through the programs listed below.

  • New Home Discount
    If your home is 10-years-old or less, you are eligible for a discount.
  • Alarm Credit
    If your home has a qualifying alarm system, you may be eligible for up to 10% credit.
  • Companion Home/Auto Discount
    If we insure your auto as well as your home, you may qualify for this discount.

What about liability insurance?
Farm Bureau agents understand your insurance needs. If you're a farmer, we can provide coverage for a wide variety of activities connected with your operation. Plus, if you have farm employees, we can provide protection for you as their employer.

Are there optional coverages available?
There are many optional coverages for your household personal property, your farm personal property, other valuable property, and optional higher limits are available on many property coverages. Another optional coverage is crop hail protection for growing crops.

Get a quote for Farm and Ranch insurance.

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